Boon Industries Inc.


Boon Industries, Inc. (OTC:BNOW) is an innovative bioscience company delivering solutions that benefit people and the planet. At the core of Boon’s product offering is DiOx+™, a concentrated Disinfectant Sterilizer. Chlorine Dioxide, the active ingredient in DiOx+, is approved for use by OSHA, FDA, EPA, and DOT. DiOx+ kills harmful pathogens without dangerous toxic exposure to the user or the environment.

The proprietary chemical formulas and processes behind DiOx+ make it ideal for sterilizing mission critical, high value medical equipment and disinfecting air and surfaces in laboratory and hospital environments. DiOx+ helps protect agricultural crops from disease, is used in water treatment plants, and helps reduce operational costs in warehousing, distribution centers, and ecommerce support facilities.

The introduction of DiOx+ to the U.S. market follows 12+ years of Chlorine Dioxide usage in global markets driven by Boon’s CEO Justin Gonzalez. DiOx+ delivers on Boon’s promise to provide the most effective, affordable solutions without sacrificing health and safety. DiOx+ is produced at Boon’s manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Grass Valley, California.