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BOON Industries Inc. (OTC:LOFB)is a research driven bioscience company that produces specialty botanical extract products for the food, beverage, nutraceutical, and medical industries.

Since its founding in 2019, Boon has acquired the exclusive license and launched a fully water-soluble Hemp Extract Ingredient product for the beverage industry, known as H+, a pure water solution utilizing the company’s unique phyto-ionic process resulting in a much higher metabolic intake efficiency for the consumer. Boon will utilize H+ to launch a revolutionary transdermal delivery system in the third quarter of 2020 branded Patch+.  Also, in the third quarter, BOON is bringing to market DiOx+, a stable chlorine dioxide anti-viral cleansing agent for personal, commercial, and industrial applications. 

BOON currently has operating facilities in California and Oregon that produce over a half of a million servings of H+ an M+ per month. Our new manufacturing facility capable of producing over 15,000,000 servings a month is near completion in Grass Valley, California.