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The Safest and Most Effective Antimicrobial Solution


Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

DiOx+ is an activated Chlorine Dioxide (Cl02) broad spectrum disinfectant that kills harmful organisms within 60 seconds with no residual toxicity.


FDA, USDA, EPA Approved

FDA, USDA, & EPA approved for broad-spectrum use in a wide range of applications including drinking water, food products and as an effective disinfectant for hospitals, sports stadiums, office buildings, factories, airplanes and other public transportation.



Environmentally safe, DiOx+ protects both the environment and human health from viruses, bacteria and harmful by-products left by other cleaning sanitizers, without a harsh smell or irritation to the skin.


Safe & Effective

Safe to transport & store, carries no hazardous label and is extremely effective against aerobic & non-aerobic bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, algae, protozoa and spore formers including Legionella, COVID-19 MRSA, and C-Diff.

DiOx+ has applications in the food safety, healthcare, hospitality, transportation and water quality industries.

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DiOx+ is manufactured by Boon Industries

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